POS System in Nashville

Running a business in Nashville is a complex job, so why not make it easier with high-quality support software? A free* POS system from United Banc Card of TN, LLC gives entrepreneurs the tools to ensure success. Contact us at (615) 476-0255 for more information about our services offered to merchants in Nashville and throughout Tennessee.

  • Harbortouch Elite System

    Elite POS System Nashville

  • Harbortouch Echo System

    Echo POS System Nashville

Featured Differences

  • Elite System

  • Table management, bar tabs, purchase order creation, age verification, color/size/style matrix, and delivery driver tracking.
  • Supports multiple remote printers per location.
  • Supports online ordering, tableside ordering, reservations, TabbedOut and caller ID.
  • Setup is a manual programming process handled by the Harbortouch POS Factory.
  • Echo System

  • Does not support table management, bar tabs, purchase order creation, age verification, color/size/style matrix, and delivery driver tracking.
  • Only supports one remote printer per location.
  • Does not support online ordering, tableside ordering, reservations, TabbedOut or caller ID.
  • Setup is done mostly through a step-by-step wizard.
  • Installation is an optional service ($150 installation fee applies).

Point of Sale System Basics

A point-of-sale system is a combination of hardware and software designed to process transactions, manage inventory, and generate sales reports. In simpler terms, it’s the store’s checkout point. The Harbortouch equipment provided by United Banc Card of TN also integrates credit-card authorization to create an all-in-one system that streamlines your business operations. Moreover, our POS systems are absolutely free with a merchant processing agreement, saving Nashville small business owners setup costs and initial fees.

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The Elite Harbortouch POS System

Every business has unique needs, and each industry has different demands on its point-of-sale software. Harbortouch small business POS systems can be configured for a wide range of industries to suit your needs.

  • POS Systems in Nashville
  • Ideal Business Types

    • Mid to High Volume Delivery or Catering
    • Bar/Nightclub
    • Dining (casual & fine)
    • Large Retail
    • Gun Stores
    • Liquor Stores
    • Consignment Stores
    • Furniture Stores
    • Clothing Stores
    • Multi-site Retail
  • Restaurant Hospitality: User-centric design and industry-specific features like check splitting and fresh-produce tracking make our POS systems essential for any restaurant.
  • Retail: View your inventory at a glance, track employee hours, and manage discounts and sale prices from anywhere.
  • QSR and Delivery: Powerful driver management tools with the POS system as well as integrated mapping ensure that each delivery gets where it needs to go, exactly on time for your small business in Nashville.
  • Convenience Stores: Implement customer loyalty programs with ease, manage your diverse inventory, and create purchase orders with the click of a button.
  • Liquor Stores: Automatic age verification reminders and advanced inventory tracking help Nashville business owners stay on top of operations.
  • And More: Harbortouch POS software and hardware is on the cutting edge of point-of-sale technology, offering integration with mobile apps and next-generation credit cards.

The Echo Harbortouch POS System

Harbortouch Echo combines the power and functionality of a traditional point of sale system with the simplicity and sleek design of a tablet. Harbortouch Echo offers countless time and money saving features so you can focus on what’s important: keeping your customer’s satisfied and spending!

  • Point of Sale Nashville
  • Ideal Business Types

    • Mobile Merchants (food trucks)
    • Micro Retail (i.e. kiosks, flea markets)
    • Small Retail (i.e. record stores, book stores)
    • Counter Service
    • Pick Up
    • Low Volume Delivery or Catering
    • Hybrid Retails/Hospitality (i.e. corner stores, convenience stores)
  • Restaurant: Ideal for smaller businesses or restaurants doing less than $40,000/month in sales. The Tablet POS system is perfect for services on the go.
  • QSR and Delivery: This Tablet POS system will keep your business running smoothly for low volume delivery or catering services in Nashville.
  • Convenience Stores: Streamline your daily operations and manage your inventory for hybrid retail businesses such as corner stores.
  • Retail: Track your employee hours, manage sales and discounts, and keep track of your inventory for smaller retail shops such as kiosks and book stores.

For more information about our point of sale systems and ATM machines for business owners in Nashville and throughout the state, contact us at (615) 476-0255. We provide top-notch customer service, and high-quality POS systems.