Restaurant POS System The restaurant business in the Nashville, TN, area is competitive, with new diners and establishments opening every day. However, with United Banc Card of TN, LLC, you can be one step ahead. Whether you own a casual-dining, quick-service, or fine-dining restaurant, our multi-functional restaurant POS solution provides you with the necessary tools to increase sales and to boost the pace of service. In fact, we can provide you with six benefits that restaurant owners can enjoy by making use of one of our Harbortouch POS systems.

1. Increase service speed.

With a Harbortouch POS, you can serve customers in a swift manner and with full accuracy. The restaurant POS system’s user-friendly graphical interface makes entry of orders, card processing, and check splitting simple, while also featuring optional tools for order routing and breakdowns.

2. Generate greater customer loyalty.

A POS supports the delivery of superior customer service that can secure repeat business. You can also use the POS application to develop loyalty programs and boost the sales of gift cards.

3. Increase sales.

Faster processing of checks translates to shorter customer lines and more table turnovers, improving revenue at every meal service you deliver. Additionally, you can utilize our restaurant POS tools to create engaging promotions that create buzz and fill seats.

4. Enhance operational control.

Study detailed reports to analyze server, sales, and restaurant performance. Use data to tweak and perfect menu design and promotional campaigns, make staffing decisions, and compare your restaurant’s performance against your competitors.

5. Guarantee business continuity.

Harbortouch POS has the best data redundancy program in the industry, offering you full assurance that you will not lose sales or time caused by service disruptions.

6. Reduce training time.

New hires can learn how to use the restaurant POS rapidly due to its intuitive graphical user interface. As a result, new staff can begin to add immediate value to your Nashville business. Ready to hear more about a restaurant POS from United Banc Card of TN? Contact us today at (615) 476-0255. photo credit: public domain via pixabay