Purchasing a point of sale system is the best decision you could make for your restaurant. With a POS system you can manage your business from the top level down. By utilizing the free back office software you can print reports and see statistics of your business even away from your restaurant. Having a point of sale system will give you the freedom you need to run your business whether you are there or not. Statistics have shown that having a point of sale system will increase your business profits by 14% over other means of collecting payments. If you have a cash register right now, you should really consider a point of sale system to handle your restaurant payments. If you look around most of the big restaurants around town are using a POS system of some sort. Think about all the time saving features that a point of sale system can offer you. For example, we have ways of getting rid of the paper and pad to take orders. A waitress can take up to four table orders at one time and send them all back to the kitchen to be processed with a POS system. That in itself a cash register could never do. A point of sale system is very affordable at only $69 per month. It would be safe to say that even your cell phone would cost more per month to have and not offer you the savings nor the benefits that a point of sale system could offer your Nashville restaurant. So you need to ask yourself, why am I still using a cash register? Contact a United Banc Card of TN, LLC sales representative today at (615) 476-0255 to discover more about our point of sale systems offered in Nashville and throughout Tennessee!