It is no surprise to anyone in the hospitality industry that the pandemic crushed many businesses. Plenty of restaurant owners still struggle to keep their doors open but do so with creative solutions. One way owners accomplish sustainability is through technology – like what we offer at United Banc Card of TN, LLC. POS isn’t new, but cloud-based POS features help restaurants adjust and stay afloat. Find out more about the benefits of point of sale post COVID-19. POS Features Help Restaurants During COVID-19

Reporting and Analytics Makes You More Efficient

Some establishments pivoted quickly during lockdowns by adjusting their business models. For instance, a Mexican restaurant incorporated delivery services and put together a dinner package for Cinco de Mayo. One order option included tacos, chips and queso, and a pitcher of margaritas. Before the pandemic, delivering a pitcher of margaritas was prohibited. Reporting and analytics POS features help restaurants pull data and analyze whether their promotions are successful. Data is critical to making important business decisions, but it’s imperative when you change your model or try new specials and promotions. The activity you report and review allows you to promptly make decisions pertinent to your business. COVID-19 changed the way your restaurant operates, but solid, accurate reporting equips and enables you to adjust quickly and effectively.

Online Ordering Makes You Competitive

Before the pandemic, some restaurants used carbon order forms and receipts. Others utilized a POS system, but they didn’t offer online ordering or delivery. After March 2020, though, most restauranteurs realized they must adjust or close their doors forever. Online ordering is now essential for most eateries to remain operational. Even with some states opening more, owners realize that some customers don’t feel comfortable eating in an environment with other patrons. Moreover, most restaurants still operate under social distancing guidelines, which impacts their capacity. Therefore, online ordering options provide consumers with an added option to support an establishment.

Online Reservation Feature Makes You Appealing to Customers

A quick look at online reservation platforms tells you that some people are eager to go out to eat and be social again. At the same time, they understand that waiting for a table means they must practice social distancing. Waiting areas often don’t have enough room for people to socially distance themselves while they wait. The option to reserve a table online often safeguards against having to wait for a table when they arrive, which resolves numerous people packed into a waiting area. Additionally, customers can avoid physical contact with commonly touched surfaces, such as menus and pens, reducing the risk of virus transmission. Today’s online reservation systems allow customers to state their preferences, such as table location and special requests, which also results in more personalized dining experiences.

Contactless Payment Makes You Safer

Contactless payment is a vital POS feature to incorporate into your business model. Whether you have servers run payments at the table, integrate technology that involves near-field communication technology, or incorporate other tech payment features, you really must offer a way to process payments with limited contact (if any). Before the pandemic, the feature was helpful. Today, it’s a must. Customers and servers limit their health-risk exposure, and commerce is moving in that direction anyway. Modern contactless payment systems are equipped with state-of-the-art security features, including encryption and secure payment processing. These elements not only align with traditional payment methods, but they also offer consumers a secure payment alternative. The rise of mobile and digital payment solutions has also amplified the adoption of contactless payment, which has contributed to a reduction in physical interactions with card readers.

Our POS Features Help Restaurants Succeed

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