Restaurant HospitalityFor a while, you’ve been considering a POS system upgrade for your Nashville restaurant. The restaurant business in Middle Tennessee is saturated, and you need to do all you can to stay ahead. “But is it really worth the time and money to transition to a new system?” you might be wondering. Let United Banc Card of TN, LLC give you 10 reasons why you can’t afford NOT to have a Harbortouch POS system.

1. Be on the cutting edge of restaurant and hospitality service technology.

Enjoy a full-featured POS system with state-of-the-art software and hardware.

2. Have access to countless time- and money-saving features.

As a restaurant owner, you’re always looking for ways to simplify and to use time more efficiently.

3. Take control of your business with advanced reporting capabilities.

Inventory, accounting, time management—the task list seems endless. But with a Harbortouch POS system, you can streamline processes and access reports with ease.

4. Gain employee-management features with an integrated time clock.

Scheduling your staff will never be simpler. Plus, they can even use the system to clock in and out.

5. Have access to integrated credit or debit card processing.

In the past, credit cards posed quite a hassle to the restaurant industry. The cost and processes almost weren’t worth it, but not with a POS system that incorporates credit and debit card processing into your larger system.

6. Customize your POS system for your business.

Do you need your point-of-sale system to do something specific? We can make that happen.

7. Enjoy a lifetime warranty on all equipment.

Concerned about the cost of replacing all that fancy equipment? Don’t sweat it. If your terminal breaks, we will replace it at no charge.

8. Take advantage of exceptional 24/7 customer service and technical support.

Have questions during a busy happy hour? Or perhaps during a late-night rush? United Banc Card and Harbortouch has your back.

9. Get onsite installation and comprehensive training.

We don’t just set up the equipment and say “Good luck!” We’ll not only expertly install your POS system, but we’ll also make sure you and your employees know how to use it.

10. Utilize industry-specific software.

Whether your restaurant has specific hospitality, retail, delivery, or other specialized services, you can have access to software that supports all you do. United Banc Card of TN is based in Nashville and supplies affordable point of sale systems utilizing Harbortouch technology. We’ve served restaurants throughout Tennessee, from Memphis, Jackson, and Clarksville to Kingsport, Knoxville, and Chattanooga—and we can help you too. To find out more about a restaurant POS system, contact United Banc Card of TN today at (615) 476-0255. photo credit: public domain via pixabay