High Risk Merchant Accounts in Nashville

If you’re having a hard time finding a merchant account provider, then United Banc Card of TN, LLC is the business for you. We extend credit card processing and online payment services to Nashville businesses categorized as “high-risk merchants.” Contact us today at (615) 476-0255 to sign up for a high-risk-merchant account.

Businesses Considered High Risk

  • Adult Entertainment
  • Travel Agencies
  • Pharmacies
  • Telemarketing Merchants
  • Tobacco and Cigarette Sellers
  • Online Auctions
  • Debt Services
  • Collection Agencies
  • Online Dating Services
  • ISP and Hosting Providers

Defining a High-Risk Merchant

Many high-risk merchants may not even be aware that their business is categorized as risky. Some attributes that flag a merchant as “high risk” to credit card processors are as follows:
  • The business is unregistered, or improperly registered, with local regulatory agencies.
  • Merchant agencies have blacklisted the business due to fraudulent dealings or bankruptcy.
  • The merchant has an inconsistent credit history.
  • The business has a high sale volume with a large number of transactions, which creates a situation that is more susceptible to fraud.
  • Small businesses with insignificant sales volumes and fewer numbers of transactions can’t afford fraud screening software, leaving them vulnerable to attack.
  • The business has a high “chargeback” rate, indicating customers who are dissatisfied with products or services.
High-Risk Merchant Services in Nashville TN & Beyond
Competitive rates set us apart from other high-risk-merchant-account providers, and we extend the same fraud detection, merchant cash advance, check guarantee, and other services as we do to our low-risk merchants in Nashville. In addition to high-risk credit-card processing, United Banc Card of TN provides free* point-of-sale systems, along with ATM machines, to business owners in Nashville, Tennessee and nationwide. Contact us today at (615) 476-0255 and start accepting credit in no time.