Other POS Services in Nashville

In addition to providing point-of-sale systems and merchant accounts for business owners in Nashville, United Banc Card of TN, LLC offers state-of-the-art equipment, mobile payment solutions, and more. Contact us today at (615) 476-0255 to learn more about our services for Tennessee business owners.

Electronic Cash Registers in Nashville TN & Beyond

Electronic Cash Registers

If you need the ability to process credit cards in Nashville, but don’t have a large enough operation to require a full point-of-sale system, an electronic cash register from United Banc Card of TN is the perfect choice. Not only does an ECR allow you to accept credit cards, it also keeps track of daily sales. Using Harbortouch’s online wizard to customize the ECR’s layout allows you to receive a register that’s exactly suited to your specifications. Each register we offer features an LCD display, item and department keys, a thermal printer, and a heavy-duty cash drawer.

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Perkwave Terminal

Technology is always adapting, and its fast pace can spell ruin for any Nashville business that gets left behind in the rush for the newest gadget. Luckily, the Perkwave terminal allows you to stay ahead of the game.

Credit card companies are beginning to create cards with EMV technology. The new “smart cards” have an embedded microprocessor and provide additional security features over traditional credit cards. Since the major credit card companies are pushing this technology forward, it’s essential for merchants to keep up with the times with a Perkwave terminal from United Banc Card of TN.

The Harbortouch Perkwave also includes near-field communication technology — you’ll be ready for the day credit cards become obsolete.

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High-Tech Perkwave Terminal in Nashville TN & Beyond
High-Tech S90 Terminal in Nashville TN & Beyond

Apple Pay™

Our Perkwave terminals also support the latest technology of Apple Pay™. With the mobile app, clients can view and pay their bill on their iPhone. Customers don’t even have to swipe their credit cards — the app does it all. Simply scan the QR code at the bottom of the receipt, and the app will bring up options for payment, tip, and electronic receipt.

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Get a cutting-edge pay-at-the-table solution that is offered FREE to new customers! SkyTab integrates seamlessly with both Harbortouch Hospitality and Harbortouch Bar & Restaurant, delivering an exceptional pay-at-the-table experience for both wait staff and customers.

SkyTab combines state-of-the-art hardware with simple and intuitive software. The customer-friendly payment interface supports EMV chip cards, NFC mobile payments, and traditional swiped card transactions, with the ability to split checks, add tips, and more.

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Pay-at-the-table SkyTab with United Banc Card of TN

Cutting-edge equipment, 24/7 technical support, and the most advanced software on the market are all included when you choose Harbortouch. Contact United Banc Card of TN today at (615) 476-0255 to learn more about our restaurant, retail, convenience store, and liquor store systems, as well as our ATM machines.