ATM Machines for Sale in Nashville

Buying an ATM machine from United Banc Card of TN, LLC will not only add an extra source of revenue but also increase foot traffic to your business by attracting customers that might’ve just walked by. Contact us today at (615) 476-0255 for more information about our ATM machines for sale in Nashville, and throughout Tennessee.

How ATMs Make Money for Business Owners

While the purpose of an ATM machine is simple enough to understand from a user’s point of view, the process is a little more complex from the business owner’s perspective. Each ATM machine owner stocks the machine with cash loaned by a bank. As users make withdrawals from the ATM, the money is returned via your bank account, along with the additional revenue generated by surcharge fees. Once the automatic teller machine runs out of cash, the business owner replenishes it, using the same loan that was initially extended.

Buy an ATM Machine

Although the initial investment in an ATM may seem hefty, business owners in Nashville benefit from ATMs in more ways than one:
  • Customers remain at your business for a longer period of time, while also having access to more money.
  • ATMs can attract customers who would otherwise walk by.
  • Over the course of five years of ATM ownership, you’ll generate up to $50,000 in surcharge fees — a significant supplement to your Nashville store’s revenue.
  • We offer wall-mounted, stand-alone, and parking-lot units. No matter where you have space, we’ll have an ATM that fits.
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Profitable ATM Machines in Nashville TN & Beyond

ATM Processing with Analytics

United Banc Card of TN offers ATM processing through Payment Alliance International. Our ATMs track and analyze usage volume and transaction history through an easy-to-use online portal. Accessible from any computer, the portal contains monthly reports for settlements and surcharges. You’ll be able to see customer activity and revenue amounts at a glance and even receive text alerts from the system when the machine’s running low on cash. For more information about our ATM services and merchant accounts for business owners in Nashville, contact us today at (615) 476-0255. We also offer point-of-sale systems for restaurants, convenience stores, liquor stores, and more.
Beneficial ATM Machines in Nashville TN & Beyond