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What’s in the box?

The key to a successful restaurant is keeping things running smoothly behind the counter. The best pos system for small restaurant from United Banc Card of TN give’s business owners, managers, chefs, and waiters alike a simple yet sophisticated way to keep track of everything from inventory levels to special discounts to split checks. Contact us today at (615)-476-0255 for more information about us and our point-of-sale systems.


Restaurant POS Equipment

Specifically designed for restaurants, our best Restaurant Pos software has a wide variety of perks and special features that make it ideal for any restaurant operation.

Improve kitchen efficiency.

The kitchen receives each order as soon as it’s put into the system, ensuring that there’s no breakdown in communication between the waitstaff and the chef. The restaurant POS also keeps track of fresh produce and offers a warning when quantities run low. Your waiters will never accidentally oversell limited-quantity dishes again.

Streamline ordering and billing.

The Restaurant POS comes with the capability for waiters to input orders directly at the table using an Apple iPad. Billing also becomes more efficient, since waiters can split checks with the touch of a button.

Detailed reporting.

How well are the specials selling? Do diners order more fish, chicken, or beef? Should you add more desserts to the menu? These questions are hard to answer if you’re just relying on waiters’ testimony and a tall stack of carbon-copy receipts, but not with our pos system for small restaurant software. From financial overviews to labor reports, our POS can provide complete data about your establishment’s daily operations.

Online reservations module.

Stop relying on scraps of paper and outdated table layouts to manage your reservations. Our free online reservations module not only provides an easily integrable interface for website visitors but also allows staff to enter reservations manually. The module facilitates table layout management, enabling you to see at a glance which tables are occupied, and which are free. When a table is ready, the patron is alerted by a text message.

Pay at table functionality.

Revolutionize your dining experience with our restaurant pos providing pay at the table functionality. By harnessing this innovation, diners receive an unruffled service where they can readily check out right when they’re ready; no more awkward pauses or wasted time. Meanwhile, for restaurant owners and staff members alike – it’s a significant game-changer. Improved turnover rates lead to enhanced productivity and heightened guest satisfaction. All things considered, Pay At The Table isn’t just a trend but rather an empowering tool revolutionizing traditional dining rituals with efficiency and finesse.

Restaurant Pos QR code technology.

Consider having a digital menu right on your phone with no wait time, easy customization options, and quick checkout—sounds like a dream? Thanks to the QR code technology enmeshed in restaurant POS systems; this is now everyday reality. This fresh tech trend doesn’t just stop at restaurant menus; it’s reshaping the entire dining process from seating to billing, all while preserving that much-needed personal touch between servers and patrons. It’s not just about convenience – it’s about revolutionizing customer experiences through increased efficiency and personalized interactions.

Tablet pos system for payments.

Imagine being able to take orders, process payments, manage inventory and even generate sales reports straight from your handy device! It not only makes dining more seamless for customers but also paves the way for restauranteurs to enhance their efficiency drastically. Making this pos system for a small restaurant the most efficient way to turn tables!

Kitchen video system.

This game-changing technology revolutionizes how orders are processed and tracked in an adrenaline-driven commercial kitchen. Goodbye are the days of handwritten tickets getting misplaced between grills or unreadable due to haste scribbling. The digital display allows for clear communication, order tracking, and decreased serving times resulting in elevated customer satisfaction levels. Paired with restaurant pos system, it provides valuable data insights for further efficiency improvements including inventory management decisions, staff performance analytics, as well as optimal sales forecasts, keeping you one step ahead in the ever-competitive culinary industry!

Restaurant Pos Hostess table management.

A hostess table can be compared to solving complex Sudoku; every patron should have their impeccable dining experience at just the right time in a seamless manner. Here’s where the restaurant pos steps in, gracefully juggling reservations, customer preferences, wait times and seating arrangements simultaneously. It cleverly calculates estimated wait times based on table turnover rates and informs customers; accordingly, thereby optimizing restaurant operations and elevating customer satisfaction levels to great heights.

Reservations & waitlist.

No more standing in long queues, hungry guests can simply peek into their smartphones to find out exactly when their table will be ready. In all essence, this innovation in technology – Our reservation and waitlist POS system is revolutionizing dining experiences both behind, and beyond the counter! Isn’t it time you allowed modern technology to help deliver sublime dining experiences? The owner Karl Dickerson is here to answer any restaurant pos question that you may have.

Contact United Banc Card of TN at (615)-476-0255 for more information about our services. We also offer point-of-sale systems which are optimized for quick-service restaurants, convenience stores, liquor stores, and retail stores, as well as ATM machines.

Optional accessories include:


Optional Restaurant Remote Printer with POS System


Remote Printer


Optional Restaurant Scale with POS System




Optional Restaurant Kitchen Video System with POS System


Kitchen Video System


Optional Restaurant Customer Display Pole with POS System


Customer Display Pole


Optional Restaurant Caller ID with POS System


Caller ID



Additional Time Clock Cards