quick service pos

Lavu POS System

    • Low to high volume restaurant and / or delivery
    • Company needing delivery driver tracking, caller ID integration or online ordering
*Restrictions apply for additional equipment available for this system. Call for details. REQUEST DEMO View Pricing
quick service pos

Mynt POS System

  • Mid to High Volume Delivery or Catering
  • Company needing fast casual or fine dining, Meal Coursing and/or digital menu boards
*Restrictions apply for additional equipment available for this system. Call for details. REQUEST DEMO View Pricing
Along with providing restaurant POS systems for fine dining establishments, cafes, bistros, and more in Nashville, United Banc Card of TN offers QSR pos technology that’s been optimized for quick service restaurants. Since QSR presents its own set of logistical challenges, our software provides industry-specific solutions that set it apart from the other available options.

Quick Service Pos

What’s in the box?

Wondering what all you get with this QSR pos? POS system? United Banc Card includes everything you need to start working efficiently. Plus, a lifetime warranty on all equipment! For a free* high-quality, easy-to-use QSR pos system that’s optimized for quick service and delivery operations, contact United Banc Card of TN at (615) 476-0255. We offer order management systems in Nashville and throughout Tennessee.
quick service pos

Customer Database:

Our pizza POS provides integrated caller ID functionality, allowing you to view a customer’s contact information and order history as soon as the call comes through. Assigning the call to a new order is simple.

Driver Management:

By making it easy to assign drivers to different orders, our system cuts down on late deliveries and wait time between runs. You’ll even be able to track whether workflow slowdowns occur in the kitchen or on the road in Nashville.

Directions and Mapping:

With advanced mapping capabilities, an order management system from United Banc Card of TN will keep your drivers on the right track in Nashville. The capability to print directions directly onto the receipt paper saves time, and the software can even calculate routes to several different destinations, if you need to make more than one delivery per trip.

Customer engagement, marketing, and loyalty programs:

Customer engagement, marketing, and loyalty programs are essential components of a successful business strategy. By actively engaging with customers through personalized interactions, businesses can build strong relationships and foster brand loyalty. Marketing efforts play a crucial role in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones by promoting products or services effectively.

QR Code Technology:

By utilizing QR code technology, users can easily access information by simply scanning with their smartphone camera, saving time and effort. This allows for quick and convenient access to website URLs, contact details, and product information, enhancing user experience and streamlining the process of obtaining relevant information.

  The United Banc Card of TN Advantage

The order tracking software also offers detailed reporting features. Restaurant owners can track the popularity of menu items over time, monitor inventory levels, and manage employee timesheets and overtime. Plus, with our online back-office system, owners can change menus and run reports from anywhere. This makes running your business operations simpler and more efficient. In addition to our free* quick service POS, United Banc Card of TN also provides retail, c-store, and liquor store point-of-sale software as well as other services on the cutting edges of technology. For more information about our QSR pos, merchant services, or ATM machines for sale in Nashville, TN, contact us today at (615) 476-0255 or read customer reviews online

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Optional accessories include:

QSR pos

Remote Printer

QSR pos


QSR pos

Kitchen Video System

Optional QSR Customer Display Pole with POS System

Customer Display Pole

Optional QSR Caller ID with POS System

Caller ID

Additional Time Clock Cards