Liquor Store POS Features

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Age Verification
  • Employee Management
  • Customer Database
  • Purchase Order Creation
  • Vendor Management
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Integrated Payments
  • Employee Commissions


Payments & Age Verification

United Banc Card of Tennessee’s point of sale systems are an ideal option for Nashville business owners looking to process credit cards with minimal effort and cost. Every system they offer comes equipped with a merchant services account that enables you to accept credit cards quickly and securely.

In addition to quick payment processing, United Banc Card of Tennessee’s point of sale systems also include integrated age verification technology which is essential for certain businesses such as restaurants and bars. This ensures that you can verify the age of customers when selling products or services such as alcohol, cigarettes, or lottery tickets so that you remain compliant with local laws. With our point-of-sale systems, your Nashville business can be confident that it’s following all regulations while streamlining how it processes payments from customers.

Liquor Store POS System in Nashville

Struggling to keep track of sales and inventory? United Banc Card of TN offers free* point-of-sale systems that have been optimized specifically for liquor stores. Contact us today at (615) 476-0255 to learn more about our options for liquor-store owners in Nashville, and throughout Tennessee.

Reporting and Back-Office Features

For small business owners in Nashville, United Banc Card of Tennessee Back Office system offers a comprehensive point-of-sale solution for managing daily transactions. Utilizing an advanced Internet-based back-office tool, the POS system keeps detailed records of daily sales and gives business owners access to data like item popularity, cash flow and more. Not only does this make it easy to track inventory and accept payments, but also allows users to run reports and update prices with just a few clicks.

The Back Office system is an ideal choice for busy entrepreneurs who need a way to manage their business remotely. With features such as real-time updates on employee progress, sending messages directly from the back-office interface, or assigning tasks quickly and easily – all without having to be physically present – you can be confident that your store is running smoothly in your absence.

What’s in the box?

Liquor-store point-of-sale systems need to meet a precise set of requirements in order to run efficiently. This is especially true for businesses in Nashville, where the competition is intense, and customers expect quality service. The right system can make running your business easier, faster and more profitable. United Banc Card of Tennessee offers an ideal solution for liquor store owners who need detailed inventory tracking and database setup capabilities.

The company’s point-of-sale system makes it easy to build a database from which you can track every item in your store. With this database, you can easily generate reports that give you an up-to-date view of what items are low, so you know exactly what needs to be ordered.

Choosing United Banc Card of TN

One simple feature sets the liquor store POS system apart from other point-of-sale software: it’s free. Store owners who sign up for a merchant services account with United Banc Card of TN receive all necessary hardware, software, and other equipment, along with free 24/7 customer support.

United Banc Card of TN provides point-of-sale systems for fine dining establishments,convenience stores, and retail stores in Nashville. We can also help you handle online sales and provide ATM machines to generate even more revenue for your business. Contact us today at (615) 476-0255 for more information, and streamline your liquor store’s operations in no time.

Optional accessories include:

Liquor Store Debit PIN Pad in Nashville TN & Beyond

Debit PIN Pad

Liquor Store Scale in Nashville TN & Beyond


Additional Time Clock Cards