What’s in the box?

The key to a successful restaurant is keeping things running smoothly behind the counter with the Lavu POS System from United Banc Card of TN gives Nashville business owners, managers, chefs, and waiters alike a simple yet sophisticated way to keep track of everything from inventory levels to special discounts to split checks. Contact us today at (615)-476-0255 for more information about us and our point of sale systems.


POS Restaurant Software in Nashville


Tailored specifically for restaurants, the Lavu POS System offers a plethora of features and benefits designed to enhance your restaurant’s operations and customer experience in Nashville.

Improve cooking practices

With our POS system, you can have seamless communication between your waitstaff and kitchen. Your kitchen team always stays ahead thanks to the instant relay of orders. Keep track of your fresh produce and receive alerts when supplies are running low, preventing overselling of limited-quantity dishes.

Make billing and ordering simpler.

Empower your waitstaff to take orders directly at the table using an Apple iPad, streamlining the ordering process. With our system, splitting checks is effortless, making billing more efficient than ever.

Learn important information.

Discover key insights about your restaurant’s performance with complex reporting features. From tracking the popularity of specials to comprehending customer choices for fish, chicken, or beef, our POS system provides comprehensive data to help you make informed decisions about your menu and operations.

Simplify the booking process.

Say goodbye to manual reservation management. This module is easily integrated into your website, allowing guests to book tables with ease. Staff can also enter reservations manually, and the system provides a clear overview of table availability. The system promptly informs guests via text notification when their table is ready.

Lavu POS System is the ideal choice for any restaurant in Nashville looking to optimize efficiency, improve customer service, and gain valuable insights into their operations.

Contact United Banc Card of TN at (615)-476-0255 for more information about our services in Nashville and the surrounding counties in Tennessee. We offer the popular Lavu Restaurant Pos Systems which are optimized for quick-service restaurants, convenience stores, liquor stores, and retail stores, as well as ATM machines.


Optional accessories include:


Optional Restaurant Remote Printer with POS System


Remote Printer


Optional Restaurant Scale with POS System




Optional Restaurant Kitchen Video System with POS System


Kitchen Video System


Optional Restaurant Customer Display Pole with POS System


Customer Display Pole


Optional Restaurant Caller ID with POS System


Caller ID



Additional Time Clock Cards