Imagine your restaurant business pre-pandemic. Before you even serve the food on your customer’s table, there will be longer conversations, with them asking your servers which one is the bestseller in your store, or which food will be ideal for the entire family or group. With the pandemic eventually changing our lives, the way you do business became different as well. Pay at the table concept was also introduced, for restaurants of all types.

You may be familiar with specific types of restaurant POS systems, with those where you basically get your customer’s card when paying for their meals. You swipe the card without necessarily showing them how you do it, and your server goes back to the table with the receipt in their hands.

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What is Pay at the Table?

This technology lets guests order and pay using a QR code on their phone or a device the server uses. It’s a safe option for restaurants after the pandemic. It’s faster and easier to use. Even when the pandemic is over, people will still like pay at the table because it’s convenient and they can talk to servers.

Handheld Point of Sale in Pay at the Table Technology

Pay at the table technology reduces contact with menus. It uses a handheld device to process payments and email receipts to customers. Many restaurant owners are investing in this technology to save time, money, reduce waste, and increase profits.

How do QR Codes Work in this Technology?

The QR code is basically scanned by the customers using their phone so that they can access the restaurant’s menu. They can easily select the food and drinks, and then pay the bill, and even add tips for servers when they want to.

Benefits of the Technology

It has been a tradition that customers give servers their personal credit card when paying for their orders. While it is a tradition, it is not a guaranteed safe way to pay for your meals. With this newer technology, your customers can rest assured that their financial information is secured. Google Wallet and Apple Play may also be used by customers where passwords are securely stored in the system.

Of course, an added advantage is the fact that it improves table turn times. The order is directly recorded, and the server does not need to go back and forth the counter to get the payment when you bill out, and then hand in the receipt after. All these tedious processes are eliminated with this technology.